Friday, August 6, 2010

Prayer of Blessing

My extended family in Bangkok cannot come to our church wedding so they gathered together, uncles, aunts and cousins, to pray a prayer of blessing for our upcoming wedding and upon our marriage and family life.

So we prayed, too, that God be the center of our family, the strength that will keep us strong as we face life's challenges and responsibilities.

The cords of 3 strands cannot be broken, God, Mark, and myself.

Wedding Preparation (Part One)

The groom behind is patiently waiting for his bride's hair-rebonding process to be done. Sweet!

The rebonding took more than 3 hours so the bride needs iced coffee to keep her from falling asleep.

While bride has her hair done, the groom goes shopping for his wedding shoes.

Trying on different designs and sizes to find the perfect pair for the big day.

Back at the salon, the bride is well-attended by beauticians.

And not just beauticians but gorgeous beauticians!

Bangkok Food Adventure

Savoring good food in a Korean-Japanese restaurant.

Learning to use chopsticks...

 trying exotic food...not a favorite but it's good to have a try...

Good food tastes even better when shared with your beloved.

The King And Queen

Her majesty, Queen Sirikit of Thailand is celebrating her birthday on August 12. Siam Paragon, the most expensive mall in Bangkok had a flower fair in honor to her majesty during our tour.

It's a privilege posing with them..even only in picture.

We are also the king and queen of our own kingdom....our family.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Honeymoon in Bangkok

Today, Mark and I are on vacation in Bangkok. 

We are having much fun here. But of course we are thinking of our dear little daughter back home...
So I thought of creating this blog to keep the three of us together even if we are far from each other. 
Macey, my dear daughter, this is also for your future reading so you'll know we have moments and memories that are worth keeping.